20190118 ReboisementEquipeADES 2ADES employees help with planting actionsADES reforest

ADES already started reforestation in the Ejeda region in 2010. Five years later, ADES employee Daniel from the Anranovory region began to grow plants in his small greenhouse for reforestation on his private property. In the meantime, the organisation AFA Association Fihaonana Aro-Ala (Association for the Community Protection of Forests) has emerged, of which Daniel is President.


Baumschule Ejeda LoubienLoubien of ADES takes care of the small tree nursery in Ejeda

ADES makes use of these valuable experiences and promotes reforestation around Ejeda and in other regions – always in cooperation with the village population and/or the landowners. ADES also places special value on mixed cultures to ensure sustainability. Mixed crops are created from fruit trees and long-lived hardwood trees.

ADES plants one tree for every cooker sold. This currently results in around 45,000 new trees per year.

About three years pass from the seedling to a well-grown tree. For this period a tree costs three Swiss francs. This includes protective measures, training, monitoring and care.

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