The village populations are introduced to the cookersThe village populations are introduced to the cookersADES drives sustainability

Cooking over an open fire has a long tradition in Madagascar. Convincing the population to use energy saving methods when cooking is, therefore, a major challenge.

cooker demonstrations…and are hungry for cooker demonstrations

ADES sensitises the population, in its own centres, in the towns and villages and in marketplaces, to the themes of forest protection, the environment and health. Our teams give regular cooking demonstrations and courses and provide schooling in balanced diets and proper use of the cooker.

Over and above many private households and public cookshops, ADES has been able to motivate other environmental organisations, many schools, hospitals, care homes and missions to cook in a resource saving way.

Cooking with school children and young peopleCooking with school children and young people

Taking due account of age, ADES offers mutimodule environmental courses for children and teachers, as well as information events for parents.

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