Ziele VisionEnergy saving cooking will be obvious for the peopleGoals and vision

It is our long term goal that the Madagascan population will have adapted its cooking habits to the use of energy efficient methods. The forests and the climate will become better protected through the use of energy efficient cookers. Some 90% of the forests have been deforested or burnt.

As the first Gold Standard certified solar cooker/climate project worldwide, ADES is helping to slow down climate change. 3 Tonnes of CO2 emissions are saved annually with the use of one ADES solar cooker.

The use of energy efficient cookers benefits both the population and the environment:

  • Coal and charcoal usage drops by at least half. As a result, energy costs are reduced by about 20% of the minimum wage.
  • The costs of a solar cooker are amortised in 5 to 6 months. For an energy-saving cooker the amortisation period is about two months.
  • Solar cooking emits no damaging fumes and they are reduced to a minimum with an energy-saving cooker. The dust particles emitted by wood smoke are responsible for tousands of premature deaths per annum in Madagascar alone.
  • Where energy-saving cookers are used, women and children need to spend far less time collecting wood and by the fire. The dangers related to these activities are correspondingly reduced.
  • Deforestation and erosion are reduced and the environmental basis for people, plants and animals protected.
  • The use of solar and energy-saving cookers reduces the risks of injury and fire.
  • Energy efficient cooking methods reduce the average annual CO2 emissions per household by 3 tonnes.

SDG Poster without UN emblem‘Sustainable Development Goals’ of the United NationsAt the end of 2015, 195 heads of United Nations member states agreed on 17 global goals for sustainable development ’Sustainable Development Goals’ to be reached by 2030.

ADES’s projects are making a meaningful contribution to 14 of 17 goals.

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