ADES Zahlen 4Solar cookers soldSales of solar and energy-saving cookers

Unit sales have continuously risen since we commenced our activities in 2001. The year 2019 is an exception. ADES is now subject to VAT and raised the prices for the stoves.

Up to 2009, we only sold solar cookers. They need no wood.

ADES Zahlen 5Sales of energy-saving ovensIn 2010 we launched efficient cookers, which use either wood or charcoal but which require no changes to cooking habits.

Since then, the sales of cookers has dramatically increased, whereby the sales of solar cookers has declined.

ADES Zahlen 6Numbers of students and teachersEnvironmental schooling

ADES provides multi-module environmental training in primary and secondary schools, which is appropriately adapted to the different age groups. By the end of 2019, we had sensitised 6.081 teaching staff and over 69.000 students to environmental issues and, in particular, to clean and energy-efficient cooking.

We have also educated teachers in 694 schools to a point that they are themselves able to handle environmental subjects.

ADES Zahlen 1The team in MadagascarThe team in Madagascar

ADES operates 8 production and sales centres in Madagascar, which employ 157 local personnel. A further 143 people are employed by ADES’ suppliers and more than 150 people earn a living as independent sales agents for ADES cookers.

ADES Zahlen 2The team in SwitzerlandThe team in Switzerland

3 almost full-time staff at our Head Office co-ordinate our activities.

ADES Zahlen 3Number and productivity of volunteersVolunteers

Some 70 volunteers provide ADES with significant support. They work some 3.000 hours on an honorary basis. This is worth about CHF 150.000. ADES is financed by 68 members and countless loyal donors.

Impact on the environment, climate and health

For every cooker which ADES delivers, it arranges for one young trees to be planted and cultivated. By the end of 2019, 279.000 trees had been planted and cared for.

Every ADES cooker saves 3 tonnes of CO2 per annum. The daily usage of the two cooker types had saved a total of 2.366.000 tonnes of CO2 by the end of 2018, a figure which is verified annually against the Gold Standard.

The consequential use of ADES cookers leads to improved quality of air, especially indoors, and to less fire accidents. This, in turn, means less family illness and a lower mortality risk.

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