Solar cookerBox solar cooker, type ‘cookbox’Solar cooker

Emission free slow cooking, using solar energy.

The black floor and sides of the box, as well as the cooking pot itself, absorb the sun’s rays and convert them to heat of up to 150°. The cooker is well suited for general cooking, simmering, preserving fruit and drying vegetables or spices. Sterilisation of water or medical instruments is another usage.

ADES assembles bigger box cookers for schools and for demonstration usage.

To the swiss cooker model.

Energy saving cookerEnergy saving cooker ‘OLI-b’ for wood and ‘OLI-c’ for charcoalEnergy saving cooker

A resource saving cooker for clean cooking in any weather and at any temperature.

The energy-saving cookers we have developed reduce the consumption of wood and charcoal by up to 69% and 50% respectively. The cooker consists of a combustion chamber of burnt clay, an aluminium lid and an external covering of white metal. All components are produced in Madagascar.

We offer this cooker in two models, the OLI-b for wood and the OLI-c for charcoal. In addition, there are three sizes to accommodate 28, 45 and 60cm pans.

Parabolic cookerParabolic cookerParabolic cooker

The cooking utensil is placed in the focal point of the satellite mirror.

The parabolic reflector gathers the sun’s rays and generates a high heat at its focal point. The cooker can be used for boiling, baking, roasting and frying, just like a gas cooker. It can also be used for sterilising medical instruments and boiling water.

Parabolic reflectors are made of weather resistant shiny aluminium and the stand is of galvanised steel. ADES assembles the cookers in its centre in Toliara.

ProduktpaletteThe ADES product offeringProduction in Madagascar

ADES lays great importance in the fact that all its cookers and ovens are manufactured in Madagascar.

ADES pays fair wages, offers above-average social benefits and pays for the school fees of all children of its permanent employees. The income of the ADES-employees benefits an extended family circle.

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