Madagascar Map GoogleMadagascar is an island in the Indian oceanAbout Madagaskar

Madagascar is both a country and an island. It is situated vis-à-vis the coast of Mozambique in the Indian ocean. It’s surface area is 14 times that of Switzerland.

Madagascar’s average temperature is 25 °C, whereby coastal areas are warmer than the higher lying areas inland, where frosts can occur. The winters are dry and summers feature tropical rainfall.

It is likely that, prior to the first settlers, the island was totally forested.  Today, only about 4% of the original rainforests remain. The largest compact rain forest is to be found on the Masoala headland. The island is rich in minerals, oil and other raw materials, whose mining further damages the rain forests.

Religions: 52% followers of original faith, 41% Christian (23% Roman Catholic and 18% Protestant) and 7% Muslim

Child mortality: 50 of 1.000 die before they are 5

Average age: 18.7 years old. In 2016, life expectancy for men was 64 and for women 67.

Average exchange rate: CHF 1 = Ariary 3.000. Ariary 100.000 = CHF 30

Key Madagascar statistics  (source: Wikipedia)Key Madagascar statistics (source: Wikipedia)Constitutionally, Madagascar is a centralistic, presidential Republic with a directly elected President and Parliament (two chambers).

The Madagascan economy bears the customary features of a developing country. It is still one of the poorest in the world.

In 2014, 90% of the population did not have as much as 2 US$ to spend per day.