The mobile centre in Ambondrona in May 2019The mobile centre in Ambondrona in May 2019Mobile centres

Even though the demand for ADES stoves is high, not everyone in poor Madagascar knows about the possibilities of energy-efficient cooking. ADES is changing this with three mobile centres, which are mainly located in regions where ADES has no location.
The first mobile centre of ADES is in operation since 2017. During the first three years of operation, its team reached about 400'000 people from 15 mainly rural areas in northern Madagascar and sold 16'000 energy-efficient cookers. About 88'000 people benefit from this. 

Film projection in AmbohimahasoaFilm projection in Ambohimahasoa

At the end of 2019, the mobile centre was transferred to the operational facility of the ADES centre in Antananarivo and has since then covered the central area of the island from a geographical point of view. The two additional mobile centers North and South have been on the road since spring 2020.

All teams have the same tasks. They
- hold cooking demonstrations in the villages
- show environmental films
- answer questions about cooking with less wood and solar energy
- sell cookers
- train the buyers in their use
- recruit new resellers
- analyze the market

Map view of the mobile centre stations

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