Production of ceramic cores in FianarantsoaProduction of ceramic cores in FianarantsoaOur program

ADES has been promoting energy-efficient cooking in Madagascar since 2001. The core program is the production of solar and energy-saving cookers at eight stationary production and sales centres. fThe first centre was opened in Toliara (Tuléar), on the south-west coast, in 2003. It serves as a prime example of ecology and the use of renewable energies: Hot water is obtained from solar energy, and the electricity for lighting is generated by a photovoltaic system. Seven other regional centres have been successively opened – see map.

UnserProgramm Metallwerkstatt ToiliaraIn the metal production shop of ToliaraThe focus of production lies on energy-saving cookers for wood and charcoal. Schools, restaurants, canteens and hospitals in particular also use solar or parabolic cookers in their commercial kitchens. ADES has sold more than 260'000 solar and energy-saving cookers so far. Production is continuously being made more efficient and resource-saving. In the regional centre of Fianarantsoa, for example, a semi-industrial production of our cookers is running in a reproducible high quantity with higher quality at the same time. More efficient use of raw materials reduces waste and saves costs.

Demonstration of ADES ovens on a marketDemonstration of ADES ovens on a marketThrough its presence on the ground, ADES contributes to securing the income of the local population. In the eight ADES centres, in Madagascar, almost 160 employees are permanently employed and receive fair wages and social benefits. In addition, ADES pays the school fees of their children. Another 350 or so people are employed by local suppliers or as independent resellers of cooking equipment.

Mobile centre on the occasion of a film presentationMobile centre on the occasion of a film presentationIn order to sensitise the population in rural regions of Madagascar to environmentally friendly behaviour and to make energy-saving cooker accessible, three mobile centres are travelling all over the island.

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