20190118 ReboisementEquipeADES 2ADES employees help with planting actionsReforestation

For years ADES has relied on the promise to plant a tree for every solar or energy-efficient cooker sold. The experience of ADES in this field is correspondingly large. Employees are trained and pass on their knowledge to the partners. Partners are mainly village communities or organizations.


Baumschule Ejeda LoubienLoubien of ADES takes care of the small tree nursery in Ejeda

ADES chooses its partners very carefully. The aim is not a fast but a sustainable growth, from which environment and partners benefit. In this way, ADES ensures a long-term commitment. The most important principles are:
- Local hardwoods are planted specifically. A large part of it is neither felled nor used for economic exploitation but is considered to be the (living) basis for humans, animals and the climate.
- ADES is based on a mixed forest of hardwood, timber, fruitwood and does not accept monocultures.
- The forest is the property of the village community or its partners.
- After a certain period of time, the forest regularly supplies fuel and construction timber.
- Wherever possible, the forest provides enough nutritious soil to maintain vegetable gardens within its irrigation radius, which ideally provide, in addition to self-sufficiency, products for sale on the market and thus an additional income. ADES currently supports this positive development in several villages in the particularly poor south.
- Partner organizations and their employees cook on ADES-cookers.

aufforstung vozama bergkuppeReforested hilltop

It takes about three years from the seedling to a well grown tree. For this period of time, a tree costs three Swiss francs. This includes protective measures, training, monitoring and care.

ADES has planted a total of 260,000 trees to date. This corresponds to an area of about 430 ha or 600 soccer pitches. (Status end of 2019)