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Ejeda vertThe centre has been generously planted

ADES established its centre in this very poor area in 2006. The population from the region buy their provisions at the market. Because of the poverty, there is extreme strain on the very slow growing dry forest.

In the meantime, a large part of the population is familiar with energy- saving cooking methods and is equipped with solar or energy-saving cookers. Consequently ADES sopped its sensitisation and sales activities in 2016, leaving it to a network of independent sales agents to ensure that the population has continued access to cookers.

Ejeda seedsSeeds wait to be sownTogether with population of neighbouring communities, ADES continues to lead a re-forestation project which it initiated in 2010. The project features a tree farm, a seed exchange and a botanical garden.

team ejedaADES team in Ejeda

The biologist, Loubien Andrianantenaina, who runs the ‘Centre vert, also advises a range of other re-forestation projects in the area and supplies them with saplings. In addition, he shares his knowledge of fauna flora with school children and motivates them and their teachers to value and protect their fundamental natural habitat.

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