spende wirkt 1Solar cooking in MadagascarYour donation makes a difference

Our goal is for the population of Madagascar to change their cooking habits to energy-efficient methods by 2050. We can only achieve this with a comprehensive programme and coordinated projects.

Your donation can be used by our experienced employees exactly where it is urgently needed or for one of the following projects respectively:

- Production and distribution of solar and energy-efficient cookers
- Environmental education in schools
- Adult education
- Reforestation

If you are interested in a specific project, there is of course also the possibility of a donation for a the purpose you wish.

spende wirkt 2Mme Rose de Lima, MahajangaImpact figures until the end of 2019:

- So far, more than 1.4 million people have benefited from lower fuel costs, significantly better indoor air quality and a lower risk of fire accidents thanks to ADES cookers.
- The 258,000 energy-efficient cookers sold have protected over 9,800 hectares of forest and reduced 2.3 million tonnes of CO2.
- Thanks to the promise to plant at least one tree for every stove sold, ADES has helped to plant 260,000 new trees.

«I own two stoves from ADES. I used to use more than three bags of coal a month, today I need less than two! I am very satisfied and tell my friends about the advantages of ADES-cookers.»

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ADES payment slip